Assessments and Evaluations

Assessments and Evaluations

The students are tested as follows:

The results are published as follows:

  • Merit List on the website of
  • Students Progress is published on internal systems and not given to public.


  • The Assignments carriers 30% weitage


  • Mid Terms Carries 30% Weitage
  • Final Term Carreirs 40%


  • 5%

Coop Training

  • 40 Hours

Attendance and Discipline

  • 5%

The Total is 100%. The Humsafar required minimum 50% for passage. Refer to Academic Policy for further details.

In every country the Government takes Examinations, in their designated examinations centers, after every 3, or 5 years, such as at grade 3, primary, elementary, secondary and post secondary levels, in that situation, internal examinations are not taken. and marks are given according to their performance in their government examinations.

Our program coordinators are best guide for coordinating, admissions for examinations.