Humsafar is a community services section of Metropolitan Group.  It provides following services:

School and College Book Store

The foundation is working on to launch its online school and college. It will offer courses in Canada, Pakistan, national and international curriculum. Other schools can also sign up to use its portal.

Community Service

The foundation is dedicated to develop and provide programs and services for:

Create jobs, business, Health protection, income protection, Affordable housing, Residents well-being, green environment and Safe Tourism, Skills Development

Latest science and technology, Strong Defence, affordable transportations, excellent programs for emergency and disaster recovery, shopping malls, shops, financing programs, safety of women and children, respect for rights and freedom, crime stoppers, rural development, skills development, agriculture and industry. Affordable energy, clean water.

quick justice and helpful police.

Politics of Truth

Men and women are encouraged to participate in politics of truth, understanding and straight forwardness

Equal Opportunities

We believe in equal opportunities for everyone and supports human rights


We trust that government-public-private-partnership for individual and community development

Supporting Peace

Humsafar supports peace and harmony