The students have two options and path of admission and study

  1. Our direct students
  2. Our Partner Students

Students have to apply direct or through our partners for admission. The Admission Free is $10 per application (non refundable). The course fee is to be paid up registration in courses. Check with your school if you are student of partner school.

Kinder Garten

  • Age 4-5
  • No Test or Examinations Required

Grade 1- 5

  • Must have completed previous year level with B

Grade 6-8

  • Must have completed previous level with B
  • Entrance Test

Secondary School (Grade 10, 0′ Level)

  • Must have completed Grade 8 or equivalent
  • Entrance Test

Higher Secondary Grade 122, A, Level or OSSD

  • Must have completed Grade 10
  • Entrance Test

Undergraduate Programs

  • 12 Year Education with B plus
  • Entrance Test

Graduate Programs

  • 14 Years Education with B plus BA, BSC Completed
  • Entrance Test

Career Training

  • Aptitude /Test
  • Equivalency to be done in case of other countries education
  • Translations of documents to be done in English language