The Pakistan Secondary School Certificate has two classes 9 and 10), and Higher Secondary school has 11 and 12 classes). Students are required to complete core, optional and elective course according to their groups; such as Science, engineering commerce (FA, FSc, ICOM). There are Business, computers, Finance, commerce and Science groups. available for students. The government examinations have to be passed at SSC and HSSC Level with minimum 40% passage.

Class and SubjectsXI Computer Science 2006
IX Urdu 2006XI Islam 2002
IX Biology 2006XI Civics (U) 2002
IX Pakistan Studies 2006XI Civic
IX Pakistan Studies 2006XI Business Mathematics 1985
IX Food & Nutrition 2006XI Psychology 2002
IX Chemistry 2006XI-XII Pakistan Studies (E) 2002
IX Computer Science 2009 XI–XII Pakistan Studies (U)
IX Clothing and Textile 2006XI-XII Pakistani Culture (E)
IX Physiology and HygieneXI-XII Pakistan Culture (U)
X General Science (E) 2002XII Biology 2006
X General Science (U) 2002XII Chemistry 2006
X Chemistry 2006XII Computer Science 2009
X Computer Science 2006XII Civics (E) 2002
XI Chemistry 2006XII Civics (U) 2002
XI Biology 2006 XII Business Statistics 1985
Approved Text Books of Pakistan National Curriculum Council Secretariate

The students are required to complete core courses, operational and elective courses as per their medium.


The international students are allowed to replace three courses based on their origins; (1) local language (2) local religion (3) local social science. If we are unable to provide teachers of these courses, students can complete these three courses in their country and send the certificate to us for transfer of credits.