The  School charge Fees after careful considerations of market situation, parents capability and government guide lines. Following is the summary of fees charged at each level:

Fees Table

Pre and After School – No Specific Courses$400  
KG-1-2 (4 Courses)$100  
Grade -1 to 5 ( …courses)$200  
Grade 6 to 8 (… courses)$250  
Grade 9 to 12 ($300  
Post Secondary Courses$350  
Undergraduate Courses$400  
Graduate Courses$450  

Financial Aid

The students are eligible for loans, credits, scholarships as per country of offering.

  • Government Programs
  • Public Financial Aid Program
  • Private Financial Aid Programs


The Metropolitan Group offer Perks programs to parents and students, but this is a subscription based programs. The subscribers first contribute some money for Education and Training, then MG return that money to subscribers with 7-15% return and Prizes every month. Check out Details on Perks HR Section.

If the funding is available, the students are given scholarships also. The MG and partner institution can waive off the fees of students up 50%, such to approval of the partner institution approval and MG approval.

Division of Fee Between MG and Partners

The fee collected from students is divided between MG and Partner Institution. It is almost 50-50. A written agreement is made before any partner institution offers a program or course. After agreement, every students of the partner institution also needs to be registered with M

We trust that government-public-private-partnership for individual and community development

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