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Business Administration

  • Accounting, Finance, Economic and Social Development, Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain and Logistics

Social Science

  • English, History, Fine Arts, Law and Justice, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology, International Relations, Public Administration, Canadian Studies, Asian Studies,  Journalism, Pakistan Studies,  Islamic Studies, Central European Studies,  Education Management, Law and Justice, Labor Studies,  Textile Design, Philosophy, Anthropology, Genera and Women Studies

Computer Science

  • Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Games Development, Cyber Security, Mobile Software Engineering, Digital Media


  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Architecture, Interior Design, Geology, Agriculture, Health Care, Food Science


  • Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication

Career Training

  • Short Courses, Certificate and Diploma, Programs, Certifications Training, English

Vocational Training

Typing, Shorthand, clerk, Records, Store Keeper, Cashier, Data Entry, Tailor, Hair Dress, Beauty, Electrician, Electronics, computers, cell Phones, Drivers, Cook, Waiter, Paramedial, Paralegal, Pharmacy, Nurse, Personal Care, Hygiene, dieting, personal Care, Oil Lubricants, SPA, Message therapist, Draftsman, Quantity Surveyor, Statistics, Farmer, Gardner, Labor, etc.