Our Programs

Our Programs


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We provide live as well as physical class room and one to one training. The courses are focused career development, professional development and skills development strategies, so that students can become employable as quickly as possible. The custom programs are also developed according to students and corporate needs. Our main programs are:

The programs are developed and approved by the Punjab Technical Board of Education, Lahore, Pakistan

  • Short Courses – Crash Career Training – One credit course to be completed in one semester
  • Certificate Program (4 credit courses to be completed in one semester)
  • Diploma Program (8 credit course are to be completed in two semesters)
  • Advance Diploma Program (10 to 12 credit courses are to be completed in 2 or 3 semesters)

Certifications Training

These courses are delivered according to curriculum of third party certifications. Students are prepared for the examinations with third-party.

English Language Training

This is our comprehensive language training program having 5 levels of training. Students are enrolled in the level as per their language skills. Each level has a certificate of training.

Once students are at level 4 and 5, they can compete any TOEFL, IELTS, or any other international language test required for foreign work permits, citizenships, etc.

National Programs

School and College Education

The provincial and national education programs are offered as per the country of program delivery. The Examinations are conducted as per local rules and regulations of the country. For example in Pakistan

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad upto grade 1

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

  • The University of Punjab, Lahore
  • Lahore University of Management

International Programs

School and College

  • Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada . Refer to curriculum section for details
  • EQAO Examinations

More detailed to come after opening of school and agreement with partners.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

the undergraduate and graduate international programs are not being offered at present. However, htey will be offered shortly after making agreements with international educational institutions and universities

The names of partner institutions will be published as soon as the programs are started and agreements are made with other institutions

Canada Curriculum

The following education programs are approved by the Ministry of Education, Ontario. We are looking for partner institutions for offering Canadian education Abroad

School College Program Examinations

The MG coordinates programs administration, delivery, and examinations.

In Ontario, province wide assessment is administered by the crown corporation called the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO). The EQAO administors tests in:

  • Grade 3, including the subjects reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Grade 4, including the subject, reading, math, a multiple choice
  • Grade 6, including the subjects reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • Grade 9, which only includes a mathematics test
  • Grade 10, literacy test is a graduation requirement

The grade 5, 7, 8 and 11 and 12 Examinations are conducted by the MG Academy and partner institutions.

The students who successfully complete grade 1-12, are awarded certifictes and diploms as follows:

  • Primary School Certificate (completion of 4 year education)
  • Middle (Intermediate) School Certificate (completion of 3 year education)
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) after completion of grade 12 Education

International Undergraduate and Graduate Program Approvals

The following programs are being offered as per national curriculum and text books of the country of program delivery. However, international p-rograms are canot be offered before making agreement with partners

  • Under gradate Education
  • Graraduate Education

The programs are approved by government, administered by MG and delivered by partner institutions.

Ask for details on terms and conditions, text books, curriculum, programs, courses, quality control, students records, transcripts, diploma, academic calendar, government reporting and examinations, assignments, research projects, and coop training.

The programs will be submitted to Federal Ministry of Training and Colleges and other Accreditations Bodies after agreement with delivery institutions

Legal Establishment

The Metropolitan Group is a registered business in Canada, eligible to offer Career Education and Training. The registration of the school and college in in progress.

The school college education programs are offered through partnership institutions (Government, Private and Public), therefore, the academy and partnership institutions have to be registered as schools in the country of programs and country of offering the programs.

The programs courses are to be offered as per regulations of both countries.


Therefore, all partners have to make agreement with MG so that necessary registrations process in complete in Canada and other countries of programs being offered. The MG invites institutions for partnership. Following documents are required for the agreement and registration:

  1. Expression of Interest for offering Canadian and local Education and Training
  2. Registrations of Partners in their countries
  3. CVs of Teachers and Staff, name of Administrator/Owners
  4. The programs and level to be offered
  5. Physical Address of the Institution, with phone, fax, email.

The typical work and financial share is 75:25%, incase your teachers and students, and in case our teachers and your students 75:25%.

The teachers have to have teaching certificates in their countries, together with other qualifications and experiences.

The programs will be coordinated by MG, curriculum, text books will be supplied accordingly. The Uniforms are not necessary but oprtions for institutions. The University provided system and guide lines are to be used by MG.

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